Saturday, July 31, 2010

letter dated June 15, 2010

Familia Amarosa,

Happy Birthday Shane! I know by the time you get this our birthday will have been like 3 weeks ago, but I still love you so Happy 12th Birthday brother.

How’s life for you all in the states? I miss the states I really do. I still have the “Freedom Run” 5K shirt with me and it has an American Flag on it so there have been a few nights I’ve put it on along with a smile. It’s hard to be patriotic when your wardrobe consists of 12 of the same white shirt and 6 of the same black pants, but I can pretend I am while wearing PJ’s in my own home.

You wouldn’t believe some of the crazy stories I hear from the other missionaries! Yesterday another Elder was saying how protected we really are, by God, if we are truly obedient as Elders. He told me of 1 missionary in another part of the world that got shot in the head and lived. The bullet ricochet off of his skull. The most he had was a minor concussion. A bullet. Wow, haha.

In your email yesterday you said you sent my package with pictures of Jesus all over it and from “the law office of Ken Bronson.” I don’t know why but that cracked me up. I’ve heard of the Jesus picture trick but no the law office, haha. Law office of Ken Bronson…can I get a job there?

Speaking of jobs, Wesley is 16 now, isn’t he? Well a little advice, I’m sure you’ve heard it from mom and dad but school is more important, it really is. A summer job is not a bad idea though if you can still get your credits made up. Also read and ponder, sincerely this scripture from the Book of Mormon Jacob 2:18-19. Don’t bother trying to get loaded now just work sparingly enough that maybe you can pay your phone bill and see a movie now and then. Now is not the right time in your life to be looking for a serious career, worry about school, and be ready for the ACT test – it’s a monster that needs serious prep for. Trust me, my math score on it was pitiful. Oh and BTW it’s a good idea to start working for savings, last minute jobs aren’t fun.

Well, Dad, there are a lot of cockroaches here, but we don’t eat them haha. They actually make a fulfilling CRACK sound when you step on them, like 10 mph bubble rap with legs. I bet Charly would have a fun time chasing them, they’re fast!

Well I don’t have much time to write this week, but I love you all so very much. Keep yourself clean, be productive, don’t sit around and be lazy all the time, ok? After working so hard for so long it’s really weird to see people sit there staring blankly at a TV or computer screen. What a silly waste of time to do nothing for so long. Find some constructive hobbies, make stuff, learn something, become good at stuff besides videogames. I’m so proud of you guys who are doing sports. The physical effort will be great for your body and your mind. Don’t be afraid to pray for help in your games and your training. I’m excited to see you guys when I get back! We’ll see who has the best six-pack (besides Scott). I think if he continues in Lacrosse I will not have much of a chance haha.

Well I gotta go, Love you guys, pray for me and the people here, like I pray for you guys. Be strong in the Church, its more important. Trust me.

Love love love,
Elder Bronson

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  1. What an amazing missionary! He is such a great cousin :)