Monday, July 26, 2010

Isn’t the priesthood amazing?

As for new investigators I don’t know if I told you about Tere she is amazing and is just soaking up the lessons and I can tell that she knows it is true, the problem is that her husband doesn’t want to listen as much and we would like to have them be baptized together as not to cause future contention.

My compañero is Elder Bowman. He’s from America so we just speak English to each other all the time and it’s harder to get back in the Spanish mode when we do that. The great thing though is that since he speaks Spanish and English expertly he can easily help me with mine and at this point I can understand everything that someone says to me in Spanish but I need to work on talking myself haha. Really though Elder Bowman is a blast and we are always laughing our heads off and having a great time at the home.

OH OH OH! STORY TIME! Elder Smith and his comp one night heard some tapping in the middle of the night that woke them up, and the next day the member that they live with asked them what they were doing to make that tapping at 1 in the morning. They said it wasn't them and it was him either so they were kind of weirded by that. The next night when they came home they felt strangeness in their home and had some sort of fear and that night there was that tapping again. By the next night Elder Smith was having nightmares and waking up to see crazy things and feeling bad presences in the room. When he couldn’t sleep for fear he realized something...he had the priesthood! He got up; put his arm and CAST THEM OUT. How awesome is that? No more dark spirits! Isn’t the priesthood amazing?

Well gatta go my times up on the computer LOVE YOUR ALL SO DANG MUCH!!

Elder Bronson

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