Monday, July 12, 2010

Scary moments

I've had a couple scares in the past few days, but honestly I'm happier than I have been in a long while. My new companion Elder Bowman is a blast. He’s North American and thus speaks English. He’s an incredibly funny guy and eats a lot, like Brandyn. Planning lasts longer, I understand a lot clearer; we get along and work in unison.  Companionship study isn’t a nightmare anymore, but an honest time of learning...aside from some silly topics sometimes haha. As for those scary moments....

One day last week, I nearly got eaten by dogs. Twice in the same day.  Both times contacting new places. One was an area, a circle at the top of a hill where we have investigators. There was a big dirt space that kind of overlooked a bit of our area and we decided to check it out. Off to the side was a tiny chain link gate where my companion decided to knock...nothing at first but then came a dog. Then another, then a couple more. They weren’t very friendly dogs. They began uproar and charged for the gate. My first instinct instead of running was to close the gate and block them off, I went to close it and...Dang! It didn’t have anything to keep it closed so I let it fall open as I backed off. My luck it was a rainy day earlier and I had my long umbrella. The dogs streamed out of the gate and I fended them off with my closed umbrella like a sword. As they were trying to circle me, Elder Bowman picked up a sizable rock and threw it at them making them back off. As we were nearly out of the situation, the owner, an old rather plump lady, came out and right when the dogs saw that she was not hostel to us there was an instant eerie calm, and all the dogs left back to the house. All is well under the protection of the lord, but there will always be open opposition.

The second was just a jump scare; I was knocking on a big metal gate which at the upper half was barred. The house was a ways back so I knocked loud and rang the bell...I didn’t see the dog there, no wonder the gate was locked. A moment later BAM dog head and fangs inches from my face!  BAWRAWRRAWR!! YIKES. But honestly that didn’t scare me NEARLY as much as what Brandyn said in his email this week. I’m not going to tell you what he said, he was joking but it wasn’t very nice of him haha. Please if I may ask you to show him what for me. Dang that guy. Haha.

I have a couple questions for you guys, well first I got your package and that’s why I have a camera cord. Thanks for the pop tarts I will be enjoying my last one tonight most likely, and the prayer rug is INCREADIBLE. I love it much. I also got a Dear elder from Trent Garner just today, but I can’t remember his email and our mail system is REALLY messed up right now so I can’t really send any letters. Could you please find a way to tell him my email here? It would be mighty kind ;) honestly haha I cant spell Alex’s last name. Skouzen or something.

Adam is planning on a mission? How exiting I hope he really plans to.  What joy it is to hear my friends getting ready to serve! Definitely get on Brandyn for me; it’s been nearly 5 or 6 months!!

pues hermanos, adios hasta proxĂ­ma semana, les amo, bastante. (Well brethren, goodbye until next week, I love you all very much.) ELDER BRONSON

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