Saturday, August 21, 2010


Questions! Or more apropriatly…answers!

Care package...lemmy see. You said that you all had CDs to send me if I had a CD player right? Well I don’t have one now, but maybe you could send me a small one! Just a little one and then those CDs, maybe even a bunch of them. CD ideas being John Schmitt, Mormon Tab, and anything else completely awesome. The way I see it if it helps me think of Christ it can be just about any type of music ever. Oh another good idea would be batteries, I'm running low.

Actually when I had a nasty belly bug I used some Digestzen and I think it helped. I always use lavender when appropriate and I checked and saw that I don’t even have peppermint.

On a weekly basis I like to hear from any of the following: You and Brandyn. I also from now and then get emails from Trent, and Elders Ririe, Anhder and McCormick but not every week. Usually from Elder McCormick though. The emails and replies are usually really short little hellos that don’t take too much time.

We have transfers in two days, Wednesday but supposedly we don’t hear until Tuesday night which would be ridiculous because we would have no time to say goodbye to anyone in the area, pack and get ready so were thinking that it’s going to be tonight really late. I am currently in my first area still and very likely am out. I would very much enjoy that. I am sad that I might be splitting up with Elder Bowman though...these last 6 weeks have been some of the fastest of my whole life and its all thanks to him....he such a dork...I love him

How about some random occurrences just today!. We started the day with a giant water balloon fight which was way fun, then headed to the biggest Pizza hut I've ever been to. It’s a sit down restaurant here in Guatemala. SUPER FANCY. While we where there we were hit with a MASSIVE rainstorm that turned all the streets to rivers and the bus we took acted more like a boat making huge wakes in the street. Great fun!

Much much much much much love sent your way! I pray for you guys every night that you will be safe and successful in your doings. Please always stay united as a family and strong in the church. It’s hard on the missionaries if no one wants to attend sacrament meeting haha.  Just realize the spirit that is there and always follow gods will first. Things will work out.


Elder Andrew James Bronson

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