Monday, August 2, 2010

The work progresses with Elder Bowman

I want to start off by saying...SHANE DOESNT LOOK THE SAME AT ALL!! What happened to ya buddy? Far too much soccer and being awesome I guess but you my friend look SO DIFFERENT. I guess you guys might say the same thing about me too haha but we’ll see I guess. Awwwwww.... cute little charly dog...

So anyway those sunset pictures were amazing! The sky looked to be on fire wow. I haven’t had the opportunity to take any more sunset pictures so those will have to wait too... I'm in a different internet cafe so maybe a different computer will let me upload some pictures..? Maybe haha hopefully. Well the work and everything goes well here. Since I was with Elder Vargas we didn’t have anybody who was ready for baptisms but after 4 weeks with Elder Bowman and us working so much better together and so much harder we have a couple good people ready. Unfortunately changes are in another 2 weeks and there is a really big possibility that I will be in a new area and Elder Bowman will take the Baptisms. We had however re-activated a number of less active members and now they are strong in the faith once again, which brings just as great of joy. I’m so happy when people decide to let Christ in and allow themselves to change and ¨mejorarse¨ or better themselves.

This week for a letter I was thinking of drawing everyone a very asked for picture. Shane if I hear correctly wants a logo for his company-type-deal and Scott just wants a picture, maybe a person? I will draw Wesley one too and his is the one I have already started on and if I do say so myself its one of the better dragons I've ever drawn haha ;) if I can pull together some money and some time I’ll print off some pictures and put them in there too.

We’ve been doing a ton of machete service and I even got to sharpen and use my own machete for some of it. That kind of service really wears you out but is really fulfilling. I took some before and after pictures of some of it. If the pictures I’m trying to attach send work you will see me and my companion Elder Bowman and our complete domination of the ¨Monte¨ menise! Muahahah!

Well, I hope as always that life is good at home, everyone’s happy and healthy and safe and spiritual haha you aaaare saying your prayers right guys....? If not its SUPER SINCHO! Or maybe a little bit of CASTIGO ATTACK! Or something like that, please do so that you can get your darn blessings. I love love love you all and pray for you every night and day. Sean prudente, que mas puedo decir?


Elder Bronson

*still no pictures were sent :(

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