Monday, April 18, 2011

Changes are coming up soon and with a little mysterious excitement

Holy cow it’s so amazing to see so much progress in everybody, just like here!

There are a lot of investigators progressing here in Lomas. I think I’ll just give you guys la lista:

Hector Claveria- unexpectedly came to church again! (8th time) his work had been so crazy that I hadn’t seen him in well over a month but his on vacations for ¨Semana Santa¨ (Central Americas week-long Easter in celebration of Christ’s last week of life) it’s pretty intense. Still takes notes of the talks and classes, still works in perfectly with the members in the discussions, still amazing!
Santizo and Carrera Families- didn’t make it to church but are praying constantly to know the truth and have family scripture study every night before bed, amazing.
Jaime Muñoz- the only investigator to come to our super zone activity Saturday, reads the Book of Mormon every day and is nearly in Alma I think haha! Didn’t make it to church either but that might have been our fault oops. He was the cause of a couple of miracles that day, more later.
Ana Sofia- one of our baptism dates for the 7th of May, already knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet and loves to come to church, exited for her baptism I think haha
Susy we just found, couldn’t make it to church but she too accepted a baptismal date for the 14th of May.

Changes are coming up soon and with a little mysterious excitement. I've received a hint from President Torres at the start of the change that I might stay even another, then again it might just be time for me to be sent up to Petén, and every time I think of it I get butterflies in my tummy and a peace in my heart...yay? My companion Elder Asencio is probably one of my very favorite Elders, definitely one of my favorite companions, he’s a great friend. We have more Spanish inside jokes that I could fit in a book ha! What a joker that guy. I love him so much. I saw Elder Whited again today man I miss that guy, we will definitely be hanging out after the mission, he loves to think about that story I'm writing with Brandyn, that’s waiting for after the mission to be worked on. On the subject of Brandyn I just barely received an email that fills my stomach with a joyful blessed buzz, he has finally...FINALLY he has his papers turned in and will be waiting for his a Spanish speaking mission maybe, hopefully, prayerfully? Oh how much I would love that...

This week in central America is called Semana Santa, or Holy Week where everyone goes on vacations, even the poor people and they do processions (Catholic street parades deals with statues of the virgin Maria and the crucified Christ) we are expecting to be the only living people who live here for about a week with maybe nothing to do, but we will see. I hope it’s a busier week that a slower week, I don’t like not doing anything it irritates and stresses me out. I need to be working or I just don’t ...function. It’s not in the program haha I’m not here to nap or chill with members, I’m here to bring my brothers and sisters to God through the healing powers of Christ. My testimony grows every day; my faith is stronger that it has ever been. I feel the love and blessings and mercy of my Savior and Heavenly Father for me and for others. I know that this is the true church, and that there is none other upon the face of the earth that can lead us safely back to Their presence. I am so filled with love and service, does the mission really end? Can I not just stay here forever?

Don’t worry mom, I will be coming back for greater things follow this, I am just trying to do it as faithfully as possible.

I love you all, please, stay safe, I will see you again

Elder Andrew James Bronson

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