Monday, April 25, 2011

We have in these last few days acquired 11 baptismal dates (and many more progressing)

Well this week was interesting, the work continued on but the streets...they were dead. NOBODY not even the shops that are on every single street corner were open, at least half of the people we know left but we did find some stuff to do. The area is progressing, and that is just amazing for me, EVEN THOUGH IM LEAVING!! Yup, they called us with changes this morning. Of course I have no idea where I'm going or who with but I as always have me fingers crossed that it’s my turn to leave the cap. It has been a completely amazing change, I absolutely love Elder Asencio and the area is just great. when I left Juana de Arco it was as dead as we had found it, and when I left Santa Elena I did so in the hands of Elder V...nothing good came out of that, but now I’m leaving my absolutely beloved area, and am doing so in the hands of my beloved companion, and in amazing shape. We have in these last few days acquired 11 baptismal dates, (and many more progressing) the highest I have reached on my mission, and they are al honestly progressing!

One of them is Jaime Muñoz, he is an honest seeker of the truth and is really looking for a remission of his sins, and it’s a spiritual lesson every time. We always find him waiting outside his house for us, and he has told us that he waits for us all day, sometimes walking the Colonia in wait for hours. Haha...hmmm

Ana Sofia has come to church 3 times now and is excitedly awaiting baptism on the 7th of May. Our other 9 are the entire Santizo and Carrera Families who accepted the invitation, but are still having troubles overcoming their faith-without-a-church beliefs.

So hopefully all things are going well at home? good news I've nearly filled another memory card completely just with videos of me and my companions, there is a lot of Spanish so I might need to translate some parts when I get home, but just so that you know its on its way, if I can ever finish the letter I’m writing to you guys right now, another personal message to everyone letter. In this last week we have been doing some service, some of the pictures are of a house that we had to disassemble and reassemble; it was actually a ton of fun. To get back home we had to ask for two different ¨jalón¨s basically just hitching a ride on the side of the road with anyone willing to take us along but it went well and was also fun. The other service we had to move two half-pipes of concrete across a soccer field for a family in Canalitos, it’s really poor down there. After hauling the concrete pipes we had extra we explored all the way to a secret river, to get there required some mountain hiking and it was extremely entertaining, some of the pictures are of a GIANT um...plant, darn I cant think of what its called in Inglés sorry, but you are going to recognize it.

Well mothers day is right around the corner and hopefully I will be out of the cap for the call haha! I guess only God knows haha He’s got the plan.

Ooohh almost forgot, I don’t know how tight it is on money back home, but rainy season is coming and my shoes have once again disintegrated nearly beyond feasible use, I don’t know if you could be so kind as to deposit a bit of money for some newer shoes and possibly an umbrella? Ill try to go cheap don’t worry, but I’m down to one pair of shoes.

I love you all and you already know how exited I am to hear your much more mature voices, you should write down your questions to me so that we have something to talk about when we call. I want to make sure that everyone is infact reading the scriptures (especially the Book of Mormon, I might have to quiz you guys on it when I get back) and saying personal prayers, boys, if you don’t really know how to pray personally, get in the groove, your lives will change.

I love you SO MUCH please have a happy safe spiritual week, I’ll let you guys know what happens with changes next week!

Elder Andrew Bronson

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