Monday, May 2, 2011


Pizzas and parties and blessings all around eh?

...well me too!
Can you guys guess where I am..?

I am in...

I'm out of the concrete and into the jungle haha. My area is called Coban 2; part of it still is city, but only a small portion. The rest of the area is fields and hills and trees, lots of ups and downs and greenery. We have 2 baptismal dates and another woman who is close to accepting one. One of the dates is a woman of 75 years, and only speaks Q´eqchi! The family she lives with is a member family and they know Spanish and Q´eqchi so it’s all good. My companion is Elder Spilker, my very first white skinned companion of my mission haha, Elder Bowman is from the States but he’s dark-skinned so he doesn’t count haha. To the world we are the two ¨Canches¨ Canche is like a guy with clear hair, or white guy but there are plenty who like to shout it out haha.

Well it has been a VERY eventful week here in Coban, change conference was Wednesday and I had to say goodbye to Elder Letner who finished his mission, and Elder Whited who would be staying in the cap, as well as many others. On the bus I was talking with Elder Jensen, a Canadian elder who’s a really great guy truly devoted to the work. We talked for the near 5 hour bus ride. On the bus they showed Step Up 3, we couldn’t hear a thing but it was still incredibly tempting not to watch all the break dancing awesomeness haha. When we arrived it was really dark, I met my companion Elder Spilker and we were off to the house. The area is beautiful and the people are SO much more receptive, within three days we found 11 new investigators, as apposed to Lomas del Norte where we would contact for hours to maybe find 1 person to ¨come back another day¨. A lot more people here (I think up to 80%) are indigenous, pure Lamanite haha, a lot without much education.

My first day included my nametag snapping in half, seeing a lightning bolt hit a tree causing it to fall into power lines knocking out power for some homes and an enormous rainstorm that trapped us in a random kind tortilla-makers home for about an hour.

I HONESTLY LOVE COBAN SO MUCH I feel like a started my mission over again that I finally got sent to the mission field that I saw in my mind as I opened my call package. Rainy jungly simple Coban... my second day was pretty neat too, I studied some Q´eqchi and it’s a beautiful language, among seeing other things.  Today was amazing, we went cave exploring in Rey Marcos caves and I took a ton of pictures, then we came back and we ate dominos pizza and soft serve ice cream. Yum!

Well life is great, I feel almost overly blessed just by being here. I have a companion who is an honest hard worker who loves the work, my area is my dream mission, I’m healthy, the ward is awesome and big and I feel the spirit in great abundance. I just hope that you guys are doing all that you can do to beware of pride, pride was the fall of the Nephites, as well as the devil himself. Read the scriptures, love one another, pray to God to help you do his will, and I know that if you search with all intent of heart and with real desire HE WILL HELP YOU in whatever you are doing. I love you and wait to hear from you this Sunday at 8! (My time). Help somebody come to church this week.

Elder Andrew Jimmy Bronson

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