Monday, May 23, 2011

One of our investigators had a vision. Of us.

Wow another week has passed, it’s already the 5th week of my change with Elder Spilker, and it’s been amazing being with somebody so cool.

We came through with our planned activity last Saturday, teaching a public lesson on the restoration of the Gospel, it was good for the members too. The only problem was that (and we didn’t even know about it before) there was a marathon right here in Coban, outside our house was the party haha. For that not as many people came as I was hoping but still we had a good PowerPoint presentation and the spirit was a sweet peaceful feeling. We met our goals of having 40 lessons with investigators this week, 26 of them were with a member present.

Yesterday there was another really big rainstorm, were even a bit of hail fell. It’s always trying to teach a message under a sheet metal roof in a hailstorm haha. Not much happens... it turns out that the storm knocked over another tree near our house and for the rest of the night we didn’t have power! We planned by the light of my camera and a head flash light that Elder Spilker had to go rummaging for.

Hmmm really not too much exiting stuff of spiritual stuff happened. Saturday was kinda a bummer before the activity. We did divisions for the entire day up until 5...AND I DIDNT TEACH A SINGLE LESSON maybe that’s what it must be like in some European really stunk haha. Uhhhggg

O my gosh how could I have nearly forgotten??
We did have a VERY special spiritual experience
One of our investigators had a vision. Of us.
Juan Che is a man of very humble livings; even the sheet metal house he lives in isn’t really his but belongs to someone else. For work he has to go find firewood to sell to the many people who need it to make tortillas here. We found him on his bed all bandaged up and asked him what happened. He told us that while he was out, up in a tree cutting off branches for the first time in his life I guess he got hit or something, but fell out of the tree. When he hit the ground he said he had a dream of two men in white that came and took his arm and side away. He told us that he asked them why, and they said that more would be coming to help him. He then saw us, Elder Spilker and I who came to... sew(?) his arm and side back up, to make him better.  He told us how when he read the pamphlet that we have him it gave him strength to go on and that he wants to come to our church reunions. We are hoping that this spirituality and drive last a while, heck, forever haha we can only hope.

Nothing else too big happened. We almost made a full grown really buff guy cry by the spirit haha that was fun and awesome. I got insulted by some crazy guy, it didn’t anger me that he was calling me horrible things, just the fact that the amount of racism that I’ve seen has really hurt me.  Don’t they know that racism is an offence against God himself? Don’t they know anything of His plan of happiness? A returned missionary comforted me by telling me a story of when he was in the field. They knocked on a door and the guy just opened and gave him a strong punch strait to the jaw (apparently he was fighting with his wife and the first person to take a blow was an Elder in the wrong place at the wrong time) the blow spun him and knocked his nametag off. After all this....he later got baptized!

Well with that I’m not sure much more to write for this week, please don’t worry about me I’m doing fine and strange things like that don’t often happen. I love you all and I hope that you are all doing well, reading the scriptures and praying. Until next week!

p.s. the picture was from zone conference

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