Monday, May 16, 2011

It was truly a testimony builder for the both of us

That stinks to hear that Justin is having companionship problems, I might be Abel to comprehend heheh. What’s his email, maybe I could keep in touch with him through out the mission.

Alright I have had a couple of spiritual experiences this week that I would like to share with you all.

1- We were on our way towards the stake center for a pday activity last week when a man from across the street waved us over, and we came. He explained to us that he was just getting out of the hospital from being attacked by thieves that left his right hand wounded and swollen. He needed money to buy more of the prescription he needed and didn’t know who to turn to so seeing us in the street he decided to ask. The medicine he said was going to cost maybe 115 quetzales, about 13 dollars, but here that is a good bit of money. We decided that we better help the poor man. We walked him to the nearest pharmacy and bought the pills he needed at a much lower price for about 40 quetzales. We offered to come by and teach him but he didn’t live in our area, and seeing how there is no such thing as an address here in Coban we left him hoping that he would find his way alright. The entire time I have my baptismal covenant running through my head...

Last Saturday was our baptism of Victoria Chen, the 74 year old Kekchi woman, and who was to show up but Julio, the same man that we helped buy medicine for! By some ridiculous miracle he found the sister missionaries in our district that serve in his area. Since then he has come to church, accepted a baptismal date and his hand is healing. He always tells us just how grateful he is for our help. I'm so happy to have been a part of that conversion.

2-We were looking for people to teach and contact (we reached our goals by the way!) and we came across an investigator named Juan Che and his family. Apparently they needed to find a new house to live in and had to move these GIANT wooden poles from their house in the mountainy part of our area to his new house right next to the church, about a 20 min walk away through the city area. We took the giant poles one each (a nice coincidence) and put them on our shoulders. Man, they were heavy! To carry mine I had to use so much strength I could hardly breathe and had to switch shoulders every couple minutes. Throughout the entire time I had the same scripture run through and through my head over and over. Mosiah 18:8 more about my baptismal covenant ¨willing to share their burdens one with another that they may be light¨ I finally decided to ask my companion Elder Spilker to share his load with me, our two poles over our 4 shoulders. WOW! The load was so light we felt that we could run and jump! It was truly a testimony builder for the both of us.

Those were the biggest for this week, along with the many that happen every minute of every day haha. In the end our goals and results were:

(Achieved / goal)
-baptismal dates 7/5
-contacts 202/300 (the goal was discontinued halfway through the week but we kept going a bit...)
-references received 16/15
New investigators 30/20

We met and overcame every single required goal! This next week the goal is 40 lessons, 20 of which with a member present while having interviews and zone conference in the same week, nearly 2 days lost of work!! Its ganna be a toughy but I have faith that God gave these goals to President Torres by revelation, and as we all know 1 Nephi 3:7, big testimony in that one. NOTHING IS IMPOSIBLE so long as it is the almighty will of God. I know that He lives and that He loves us and makes all these things possible for His children. I never need to fear, just do, what thing is more simple could He ask of us?

I love you all very much and with all my heart, I want only the best for you. Please don’t worry about me, I know that God has me in His hands, and what gives me peace of mind is that He has you all also. I know that if we are doing all we need to do, we won’t even find ourselves in those situations. (Andrew is referencing the massacre that just happened in Peten).  I want you all to read the scriptures this week, one chapter of whatever book of scripture, personally or in the family, just open the scriptures, don’t be afraid they are your best tool to find the salvation God has waiting for you. He will never lead you astray, its just not part of the plan. He loves you just far too much.

With all the charity in my heart I want the best for you all spiritually, physically and in all aspects. Gods plan is perfect as Jesus´ love for you all.

Have a good week, until next Monday and its stories,

Elder Andrew James Bronson

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