Monday, May 9, 2011

Life is so full of blessings I can hardly count them all

Well it’s been an interesting week; the call was a happy event.
It’s always a nice experience to hear your guy’s voice.

So this week was a fairly normal week for the work, I don’t remember anything CrAzY happening except that we are working so hard! We had a mountain of lessons and found a good 2 families worth of new investigators. Last Saturday we did some more machete-service and my arms are still a little bit sore, it was great, the pictures will be with this email. sweet sweet sweaty work! We had a total of 5 investigators in church this week, and we have 2 baptisms planed for this weekend, Sister Victoria and her granddaughter Nidia, and they are exited haha so am I.

This week will be one of some serious work, and I and my companion are super exited, we have been given those big goals and we are ready to talk to EVERYONE. 300 people in about 6 days, that’s missionary work! Helping 5 to accept a baptismal date. Some super focus required. We are planning a missionary activity like the olden times. I was watching a video about a member of the church in Joseph’s time name John Tanner, part of it was these two missionaries putting up posters and fliers advertizing something about What the Mormons Believe and they had a big old congregation where they found a whole bunch of people, we want to do about the same. Spend a week or two giving fliers and this Saturday the 21st borrow the church building for about an hour and hope a bunch of people come. We are going to give to members to pass out and also have them invite other full families.  We are going to teach about the Restoration of the Gospel, Gods love, how the gospel blesses families, prophets, apostasy, Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon, praying to know, then have refreshments and a table in back offering more pamphlets and stuff where people can put there name to hear the missionaries haha! Yup, I'm hoping it all goes well; the Bishop is exited to do it.

What else is new what else is new...maybe...hmmm

Wow it’s always a bit harder after calling you guys; I’m not sure what else to write. Life is so full of blessings I can hardly count them all, good companion, good area, good house, good food, I have no health problems; I’m working hard and am full of the spirit all the time. We are finding new people to teach all the time and some that we have been teaching are progressing nicely. I’m becoming a better teacher and Spanish is becoming so easy for me now I understand it as if I were talking in plain English, sometimes I can hardly tell the difference haha!

...we cleaned the house today? Not too much out of the normal just lots of being happy. I have a lot of friends here in Coban, the ward is awesome, my testimony is growing and we see people making changes all the time. I almost have the feeling all of this sweet is going to have to pass pretty soon through some bitter, that’s what always happens. Nevertheless I will be strong, there’s nobody stopping me from doing what I know I need to do, save some soul!

Maybe you guys could do me a favor and just make sure you guys are doing all that you know you need to do, prayer and scripture study, church and tithing, being good examples to others and being patient in your afflictions. Service, it makes people happiest when they are serving people.

With the package just surprise me with whatever you want to do, pictures, CDs, pop tarts, lots of love and maybe something about Jesus.

I love you more than I can say and I miss you, only one more phone call left and I’m coming home, 9 months haha, you can do it! Take care of Brandyn; I hope all is well on his side too. Well then famy it’s until next week, love you miss you stay strong and do your stuff, pray, ok? I love you

os amo!
Élder Andrew James Bronson

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