Monday, May 30, 2011

I have officially had my first real missionary poop story

Well I’m writing early sorry but I didn’t get to chose, oh well. Well it’s almost changes time and I’m kinda sad, I don’t want to leave my companion Elder Spilker. Our area is starting to liven up a ton even though not very many people have come to church.

Uhhhhhhhhhh I’m feeling really tired lately, just working it so hard I get fatigued but I’d have it no other way, I love working so hard. We had a cool experience this week with fasting.  This week we have 2 baptisms planned and their father is reactivating in the church, but his work is complicated to where he wouldn’t even be able to, so we talked with him to pray about it, and decided to fast so that his boss or coworkers would allow him to have Sundays off to be with his family and to go to church. When Saturday came we saw him in the street and asked him, he had received the Sundays off and was again able to come to church with his kids! That was a very special blessing from our Heavenly Father.

It always seems like those Mondays after I email you guys something special happens, last week we were able to participate in somebody’s miracle. One of our investigators little daughter was sick so we went to go visit her but upon entering the hospital one of the nurses was a member and ran up to us saying that someone needed a priesthood blessing. We entered into a small room with a wee baby and a very distressed mother, also a member. Her little babe was about to be rushed off to the Capital to undergo other treatments and tests, as it was he was under a respirator machine.  She had been praying that someone would be able to come to give him a blessing before he went and so God answered her prayer with us, who gave a blessing to the poor frail thing and then to her for comfort. We later found that our original patient was doing just fine. I got the feeling that she had just gotten sick so that we would come to the hospital to answer somebody’s faithful righteous prayer haha divine planning I think haha

Oh in other news I have officially had my first real missionary poop story (every missionary is going to have one, just ask and he/she´ll tell ya) we were in the sheet metal shack of Juan Che and his family and I just couldn’t hold anymore, I had never needed to go poo more in my entire life, I couldn’t even keep still and I knew I had to do something. I asked if I could use their little outhouse and if they had paper. They all giggled but I didn’t care. This was an emergency far too great for embarrassment. The only paper they had was news paper, but that would do. I waddled awkwardly about 40 feet to the outhouse through pouring rain to find that it was made of some sticks with plastic covering around it to ¨protect¨ but it was all full of holes. I was going in unprotected. As I stepped in about to very literally explode one of the wood sticks holding up the poop-area snapped under my feet almost leaving me to fall a good 15 feet into unspeakable horror. God was far too merciful and allowed me to stay above. I’ll leave out any grosser details by saying I survived a little shaken but alive. Haha...aren’t you boys exited for your own poop stories??

One last story, Saturday morning we were fasting until lunch but had service in the morning chopping wood and removing dirt from the back yard of some members, by the time we got home we were covered in sweat, dirt and clay...and the water wasn’t working! It was hopefully going to come back on about an hour later, so we started cooking. We were in the middle of grilling up some food...when the electricity went out! Uuuughh we sat there for some time just wondering what we should do. Soon the lights came back and we finished lunch, but we had no time to shower because the water hadn’t come back yet! That was a bit of a stinky day but really it wasn’t too bad.

Well all goes well really here, I’m still waiting on that package, I wonder when it’s going to come. I’m trying to write you guys and (big news) I finished the first tape recording and am starting on a second.

Love you all so much please take care, I’ll talk to ya all next week with news if we have it!


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