Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Alrighty some news here haha transfers this week
My beloved companion Elder Spilker is going to have a change down to the capital and isn’t too excited for that, he was hoping to go up to the Polo´chik and learn Kekchi but I guess the Lord has other plans for him. I will be participating in something really special also.


I have to leave to go down to the capital today, even though the change conference isn’t until Wednesday. I’ll be going to the temple to prepare me and then chilling for a full day doing who knows what haha then the 5 hour bus ride back up to Coban with my boy. I’m hoping that this is going to be a joyful event, I feel really good in my prayers about my companion.

Yesterday was a day full of ordinances; we started the day off with the baptism of Nidia and Willians Chen yeah! Then directly afterwards they were confirmed members and received the gift of the Holy Ghost in sacrament meeting. We partook of the sacrament and later on in priesthood meeting Willians was given the Aaronic priesthood. Oh there was also a baby blessing haha. What a way to end the change than with a baptism, 2 of them.

Alright that’s probably the most exiting element of our week, but there are some stories to still be told. Last we fasted that Julio Chen, father of Nidia and Willians could get Sunday mornings off of work, later on this week we found that to cover his of our investigators took it! Juan Che, the one who saw a vision of us is working Sundays again ugh what a strange coincidence, really we just laughed it off...ayayay...o well. we planned by candlelight two nights in a row, not that we didn’t have power, just cuz it was fun haha some of that candle we had used to wander our way though some dark underbrush at night.

Well well there isn’t much more to tell. the week was kinda a strange one, finishing off the change, the lessons accidently went a bit longer and we lost a lot of contacting time so we didn’t find as many new people, but an INCREADIBLE number of those that we have been teaching have said that they have already received answers. The problem with this area is that no investigators come to church, so we will be working on that one. We will indeed.

Alrighty so I guess I’ll finish up, in all the race of packing and getting ready I forgot my camera cable so no new pictures this week but don’t fret my precious family they will be coming, they´re on their way. Stay safe stay strong, have a good long productive summer, I love you all.

Elder Andrew Bronson

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