Monday, June 27, 2011

Now that I think about it, it gives me a greater appreciation for the sacrament and how sacred of an ordinance it is

I am aware that Elder Smith is sick, I walked with him a little bit last p-day, he really hurts he said. Supposedly he is supposed to be back up here in my zone later today or tomorrow. Haha silly dreams, I have had a couple especially strange ones about being home, but I can’t remember them right now.

Probably the strangest thing I can remember that happened to me personally this week was that they didn’t pass me the sacrament. Me and my companion were out bringing an investigator that took forever to get ready. When we finally arrived they just went through and we missed the bread, and when they came out with the water they didn’t even come to where we were seated, just passed by and kept walking. I was kinda mad! Don’t I have right to take the sacrament too? Now that I think about it, it gives me a greater appreciation for the sacrament and how sacred of an ordinance it is. I really feel bad for missing it.

The rain here has been absolutely crazy, the other day we had to duck into a little ice cream shop to get out of the torrent. The entire street literally filled, all the muddy brown water covered the grey concrete and when I squinted it looked a little like we were standing right next to a river. It’s been raining like that a few times already.

Well as for numbers this week was really sad; we didn’t find a single new investigator! NOT ONE that’s tough, when I was with Elder Spilker we found like 10 a week, but God gives when he feels it’s right. I had a bit of a sick day last Wednesday, I ate something I guess and was feeling soooooooper weak and wobbly, so I napped ONE HOUR. Then I went out to work again, it wasn’t a very good day for lessons.

Sadly we have good investigators but they just are taking way too long to be baptized, nobody’s planned even soon, I hope to baptize this change... Mario has his required attendances in church but still a bunch to teach him, Wily wants to but has a bit of repentance to go, he’s fighting marriage problems, smoking and alcohol all at the same time with his crazy work schedule. Jose defiantly wants to and might be able to start attending church this next Sunday. Angela says she wants to but has to get married first to comply with the law of chastity and has to start attending church again; she hasn’t come for a while now.

Well that’s basically my life right now, trying to think of Jesus all the time and help others to do it too. Training is going alright with some bumps here and there, but moving along. The more and more time I’m here in the mission the more and more I’m thinking about home. I’ve never really had a problem with that before and it seems strange. Part of me wants to be with you guys so bad! The other part can’t possibly give up the mission; I’m giving my all for the mission right now. I have had a special focus lately on spending my remaining time as wisely as possible, every minute! Studying, exersizing, contacting, teaching, if I dont to everything I feel bad like there was so much more I could have done.  I just cant imagine coming home NOT having done everything, not only that I’m feeling really down...I’ve been here for 16 month and have what...5 baptisms? Fail. I want to work so much harder but I still dont see as many results as I wish to. I just really need to focus on learning more patience and hope. charity too, but mostly patience and leadership skills.

I hope I don’t sound like a bummer, but lately I just have been feeling a little more stress than usual. I’m still so happy, so happy for my mission and for my Heavenly Father who loves me so much as to let me work and see these miracles, my only wish is that I could see some labor come to fruit. I’m just planting the seed always I guess. God just has that purpose for me and I better be grateful that he knows better than I do.

Well my absolutely beloved family and friends my council is the same, do your prayers, if you are praying keep doing so and also read the scriptures. If you are doing both keep adding on to that light you have and you will see the condition of your life jump strait upward. I love you so much, much more than I can say and I am honestly missing you guys a ton. Take care and please keep yourselves safe. Para Seimpre Dios Este con Ustedes, Hasta Vernos juntos otra vez

sinceremente todo me amor y esperanza

Elder Andrew Bronson

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