Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dang, it’s so great to feel that spirit and to go do service for people

Well well what a wonderful rainy Guatemalan day, eating Dominos pizza and playing volleyball with the zone here in misty ´ol Coban. Life is happy as it goes, so quickly!

My new companion is Elder Umana (with the little enye ñ over the n like Umanya) he is from El Salvador, my second trainee from El Salvador and another great missionary! It seems so silly having a newbie here with me, even though he speaks Spanish it’s like he doesn’t know anything about being in the mission, there’s so much to teach that I never thought about. The whole time I’m thinking about my first few weeks in the mission back with Elder Vargas in Juana de Arco. And it’s so funny too; they just whip out random scriptures about EVERYTHING it’s so funny haha, but man! Is he spiritual. I have not had a single lesson with him without the spirit testifying of everything. Dang, it’s so great to feel that spirit and to go do service for people.

On another note HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANE how’s my 13 year old TEENAGE brother? Pretty sweeeeeet I betcha´ haha.

Well it’s been a pretty eventful week. Monday right after doing our email I loaded up a 3day suitcase and was swept off to the capital, Guatemala City in a big ol bus for 5 hours without any instructions besides get on. We unloaded and there were taxis waiting to take us to the house of the Assistants to President Torres Elder Davis, Williams and Vasquez, the house was NICE. Made for all the missionaries to sleep in at the end of their missions. Basically just party night. Woke up EARLY and went to the Temple of Guatemala City, followed by confusion as to where to go, Me and Elder Carlson just wandered back and forth between the office building and the mission home until we had lunch, sloppy joes. We saw the newbie’s but didn’t know yet who... one of them said they saw me on YouTube opening my mission call...weird but cool. I’m officially a celebrity :) Had conference and came up to Coban with my new comp, basically just slept the whole way zzzzzz...

That’s about the news for this week, I hope you enjoy some of the photos I’m sending, finally got some good short haircutting, some mountain exploring and some newbie training, all of which make some good week.

Sounds like life is going pretty well back at home, good luck mom on the 5ks, miss you guys tons and can’t wait to see you all again haha

Until next week!

Elder Andrew Bronson

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