Monday, June 20, 2011

I’m very grateful for being able to be here in Guatemala, the mission of my dreams

Training goes well, Elder Umaña is a quick learner and even though he has so much more to learn I feel good for him, and the process of training someone has honestly been refining me too. I thought I was patient, but I guess I’m just starting to learn what that is.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANE. I’m glad to hear that the 5k went well Mom, haha I liked your story about the granny inspiration that’s kinda funny. I’m honestly so proud of all of you boys for how hard you are all working in your talents. This week has seemed a little long for me and I’m not sure why.  Tons of rain and I’m in need of another umbrella. I’m buying one later today along with a working watch (the 1 dollar watch that I have been wearing my entire mission finally gave up the ghost, and its dollar and a half replacement didn’t last more than a couple days). I’m still waiting for that package to arrive.....tick tock...

The pictures I’m sending are from some service that we did last Saturday, just hauling buckets of black dirt down the hill to a neighbor’s yard. Easy pie. Bummer news not a single investigator came to church, it’s lame because we have so many honest interested and baptism-commited investigators but still nobody showed. Darn. Plenty of lessons, I still count us lucky for being in a mission where we have investigators instead of some European country when they contact all day without much success. Props my fellow servants, you have my great respect. Lately I have been realizing that even though I haven’t had a boatload of baptisms I’m very grateful for being able to be here in Guatemala, the mission of my dreams. Spanish, warm, rain, adventure, lessons and tons of friends. I’m living in the book of Mormon!

The biggest problem here is that nobody believes in the need for a restoration of the Gospel, they already have the Gospel they think. Everybody is their own pastor and has their own church with their own commandments, what more could Jesus want they say. The main ideology is that all churches are good and all lead to the same point, heaven.  Nobody wants to admit that their church doesn’t fit all the requirements, nor does anyone want to say that God actually chastises his children, he is a God of love and nothing more.  Some seem more like brainwashed Congregationalists. There are a good number of open hearted people and some great and noble ones too, but when we think that the Book of Mormon was written SPECIFICLY FOR THEM, the children of Lehi, there are surprisingly few who could even imagine another book than their beloved Bible. What impresses me is that they all believe in the bible miracles and prophets but nobody can grasp the concept of revelation in OUR days. I just hope to speak with more power and authority, my greatest wish is that the spirit can guide me to those whose hearts are open enough to feel the spirit, so that it can touch them. There are a good many.

I would also invite you guys back at home to be member missionaries and know the Gospel enough to share it when the need is presented. I miss you guys a ton and love you so much, we will be together again sooner than you think, how strange that will be.  Oh that reminds me of a dream I had the other night, I was back home after the mission but I still was a missionary (before they take my nametag away) and we were all there about to go swimming. I couldn’t go swimming as a missionary, and to go I would need to take off my nametag, but I couldn’t do it. In my dream I left the pool and cried because of how much I didn’t want to give up my nametag. Haha as silly as it sounds its kinda helped me see how much I really love the mission and grateful for how much time I have left. I can’t let myself become distracted because it all ends so very soon.

Well beloveds time to go, love you and hope to hear from you next week with more stories. Take care and PLEASE do the little things like pray and read.
Elder Bronson

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