Monday, July 4, 2011


Alrighty the internet is working again it’s been going on and off...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! Wooo! I’m out in my Freedom Run shirt that I got for doing the 5k with you Mom, 3 YEARS AGO.

Hope you guys are enjoying a good 4th of July, I treated myself to a good lunch of Subway, man...tasty... it was the first time that I’ve had the teriyaki chicken for a long time and it was good, with a little apple pie thing and ice cream stuff. Yum!

Well this week I’m feeling a bit better, I guess I was a bit down last week, I think it kinda goes by how much success we have during the week.

Yesterday was a hit, we had just finished fasting and we did divisions and met back together in the night to find that together we taught 10 lessons and contacted a bunch of people. I guess we have a new president now, I’ve heard that we will be having interviews soon, as soon as possibly Wednesday. Changes aren’t until the 20th, but I don’t think that I will be having a change. Usually but not every time when you are training you stay with your companion at least 2 changes and I’m thinking that’s what is going to be the case. Things are going well with my companion I honestly hope to stay another change here with him.

Well I’m still waiting for the package to arrive, I suppose it’s harder for it to reach those outside of the capital but it’s worth it haha. I’m still hoping to head up to Petén before the end of my mission to see Tikal and all the other cool things. Here in Coban there’s a ton of stuff but they haven’t given us the opportunity to see anything...

As for the week’s events I don’t have too much in mind, just more rain and more people with more problems to solve and happiness on the way to doing what is right. I’m loving you guys very much and missing you all, hoping really that you are all fine and all doing what you need to be doing. Prayer, scriptures, church, ya know the good stuff! Haha well take care my beloved family until next week and its news.

Elder Andrew Bronson

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