Saturday, July 23, 2011

I honestly have seen the difference in the lives of the people that read their scriptures

Alrighty! Definitely a good week, especially today

Transfers are THIS week and we got some surprising news last night. considering that I am training we thought for sure for sure we were going to be together another change, but I guess not, just one change together. Elder Umana is going to stay outside of the gap but I don’t know where yet, and I will be here still with a new companion that I will meet Wednesday.

As for physical health I ate the package and noticed that I was gaining weight again heheh gave the last of my pop tarts to my comp and started doing pushups...I’m getting enough to eat, the only problem being that Elder Umana is new and didn’t have a ton of money, we were going to have to save a bit more this week but now we have transfers...

TODAY WAS AWESOME we finally went to a call tourist place called Semuc Champey and it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I think it’s like 7 crystal clear pools of water connected by little waterfalls, and deep underground a raging river the beginning and end being visible. I forgot to wear sunscreen but I didn’t burn too bad, just a little pinkish on the nose. I took a ton of photos, some of which I will send to you guys. Definitely a place to check out when I can go swimming... to get there we had to take a 2 hour bus and hire a trunk for another hour, lejos! (Far)

The other pictures are of a bit of service that we did for an investigator cutting and chopping and clearing a bit of land for him. The yellow squidy thing is called Pacay, and supposedly it’s edible with lemon and salt. Hmmm. as for investigators in church not a single investigator came but I’m strangely not too bugged, we did all that we could do, we passed by for about 5 different people. O well.

The rain here has been a little strange lately; it will rain in spurts hard enough to make us take out our umbrella, just to stop long enough for us to put it away and start again! Aye aye haha entonces. I’m glad to hear everyone is having fun at home you guys all know I miss you and can’t wait to be back when I have served honorably until the end, having done everything, ready to serve the Lord in other fronts haha.

Next week I will have news on the new companion, until then I ask you guys to please take care of yourselves, and that each and every one of you study your scriptures. In our ward here there just returned a former mission president from Nicaragua and gave the lesson in priesthood meeting, it was incredible! the part that caught my attention the most was when he talked about the family scripture study as something nearly more important that family prayer, that we really need it do it at least 5-7 times a week, or we haha need to repent because we are not doing our duty to God. I honestly have seen the difference in the lives of the people that read their scriptures. In our area lives an x-missionary woman who was having a lot of troubles in her life, we simply asked her if she was praying, and reading the scriptures and she admitted that she was not reading. A couple weeks later than that lesson she came to us in the street and told us of the incredible change that she had in her life
Her testimony is stronger
Her problems are solving themselves
She feels more in tune with the spirit, and closer to God
She feels more love for others and patience with them and herself
Among much more

I love you all and I can’t wait to be with you to read with you, everyone together, please take care, until next week

Elder Andrew Bronson

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