Monday, July 25, 2011

Please, if you are thinking about it, do it. Serve.

Wow that’s something that I didn’t see coming, Wes in boot camp? Well I am very impressed with his enthusiasm, I love you Wesley

Man I miss swimming, but I’m not that far away right haha I’ll just have to wait for summer again is the problem. Changes were strange, I just traded Elder Carlson kids, now I’m comps with Elder Turcios who Elder Carlson was training, and Elder Umana is with Elder Carlson. Elder Turcios is great we are always laughing and he is a really obedient elder. I’m still in my same area. We are hoping on a baptism on the 13th if everything goes right.  José is progressing wonderfully and completely believes what we teach; he has even made many good changes in his life especially with starting to study the bible and the book of Mormon.

In my study today I was reading Mosiah 27, the chapter where Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah are visited by an angel whose voice shakes the earth and Alma repents. I really liked when he came to afterward and told everyone that we ALL must be born of the Spirit. We must all change from carnal to spiritual. This brought an impression to my mind about all the people who maybe think that what they have done is far too bad and that God won’t forgive them, when really it’s something that he expects. He knows we are all far below and has a time specially made for everyone to come and change and ¨be born of the spirit¨. God will always be ready to forgive the repentant sinner; it just depends on the sincerity of the repentance in that person. Baptism is the symbol of that change. With Alma, he was already a baptized member of the church and his parents were wonderful, but he too had to experience that change of heart for himself. He suffered a lot of the persecutions that he himself had given, but in the end it says that he was so very greatly blessed, ¨...pues publicaron the paz¨

I was just looking at the photos that you sent me Mom, it’s honestly so weird to see everybody changing so much. When one leaves for the mission he almost expects everything to stay the same, no new movies are going to come out, no new games, the cousins aren’t going to be different, lives are going to be the same but it’s really a new world that we will be coming back into won’t it.

Hmm you guys a ton and miss you all. Weird that my birthday is coming up again huh, 21! Whoopee! I remember a year ago I was in Santa Elena with Elder Segura, good times. It already seems really far back haha. que mas que mas... I feel a bit like I should recommend to all listening to do it, sacrifice just those dos anos al Senor. I wish all that can, would go on a mission honestly it’s the best thing you could possibly do. It’s the best college that you can enter, the best training ground for a good father or mother, the best boot camp the Lord can offer. Please, if you are thinking about it, do it. Serve. You have most likely been put on the earth in such a good gospel-centered family for a plan, especially if your patriarchal blessing mentions it. If you don’t have your blessing I wish that you would all be ready to, and be worthy to receive it. It is the special confidential knowledge that God, as a loving Heavenly Father wants just for you, to make the right decisions and help and serve others. Trust me; it has helped me much in hard times. I love each and every one of you with all my heart and I feel that love grow with every time I try to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with someone. I love you all, please take care.  6 and 1/2 months more to go haha LETS GO!

Andrew Bronson

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