Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We have been seriously blessed here

Wow it really surprises me just how much talent we have in our family, every kid a specialty. And every kid getting shape!
Shane skating
Scott lacrosse
Wesley Marine training
Andrew Guatemala.
I finally found some new pants, my old ones were just dying with giant holes and a bunch of paint stains. I traded one of my two gym shorts for some of my comps jeans, but all his jeans are tight jeans! AND THEY FIT REALLY WELL.  I’ve really lost so much weight here... it helps that I force myself to do whatever limited workout available, 35 pushups morning and night, sit-ups when I can get myself to do them and now we are even eating better. Last week our house was full of ramen noodles and hotdogs and junk, this week we are cutting down and bought a ton of fruits and veggies. Anything from pineapple to like 20 bananas to broccoli. Yum!

We have been seriously blessed here, protection from the rain and with investigators. When we leave a house the rain stops, when we enter a house the rain starts again until we leave the house. Coincidence? Try a week strait of house in house out rain on rain off. It’s absolutely amazing! Investigators are progressing a bit and we are finding a bunch more interested people to teach, IF THEY WOULD JUST COME TO CHURCH. Oy.

As for birthday packages I couldn’t tell ya, I can think of one thing though. Remember that neat little blue CD player you sent me about a year ago? My last companion Elder Umana used it to death and now it doesn’t work at all, busted. Something cheap would be nice, just to play CDs for the last little bit of the mission, and as you guys already know I’ve always happy to receive music. hmmm maybe not as many sweets I got a little chubby on all that tastiness, pop tarts are good, maybe it would be just a lot cooler to save money for when I get back, to buy me something fun to use when I can use it right? Haha just that simple CD player is all I need. If I think of anything else I will need I will right in the following weeks. When are you thinking of sending one?

Please just keep safe, make sure that every one of the boys has a firm habit of morning and night prayer, remember that God isn’t just a repairman that comes at time of sporadic need, but a loving Heavenly Father that wants to hear and communicate with his beloved children. If you have nothing more to say than thank Him do it. I love you all so very much I want you all to be safe, just having a family member signing up for the Marines makes me tremble. We have an eternity after but our time here is so special I can’t imagine going so long without a brother or a friend or a family member. PLEASE KEEP SAFE remember that God is obligated, I repeat OBLIGATED  when we do what he asks us, but as we all know, when we do not what he asks us, ninguna promesa tenĂ©is. You have no promise.  That promise is something really special when you really are in that time of sporadic need. I love you I pray for you all I worry for you all, chose the right I’ll be back before you know it.

Andrew Bronson

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