Monday, August 22, 2011

Priesthood power

Thanks for the letter mom, I have one ready but it’s a small package and I need to wrap it first haha.

There was a hurricane? Man this whole missionary bubble thing would be nice to see through so I know when to bring my umbrella. Yesterday was when it happened right? Story time. We were walking around with a member, a priest named Junior; we were exploring and knocking doors in a completely new part of the area. It’s an area that I have seen from a distance but had never visited, one of the really poor on-the-side-of-the-mountain villages that reminded me of how the Polo´chik supposedly looks. I had brought my umbrella luckily, and a nylon covering to wear as a cape so my backpack wouldn’t get wet and I’m REALLY glad I did. We had just climbed a long tall bunch of stairs made out of dirt (more accurately clay) and had stopped to knock a small sheet metal door when the rain started. Imagine your craziest microburst there in Utah with a little bit more weight. The stairway we had used just literally 2 minutes before was now a nasty little waterfall, impassable. We went toward the left where we saw more houses as the hill went upward. Maybe 10 min later we found our way out and the rain stopped. I was dry from the knees up, knees down I might as well have been walking in the waterfall. Know what? It was awesome. No new investigators from that experience though...

As for the birthday package I don’t know if I will be having a change in about a week, I think I will but I have no idea for where. I was actually thinking that instead of a great package or putting it in my account you could save it at home for something really special when I get back, and will be able to use it haha. No, I won’t feel bad for not receiving a birthday package.

Sunday morning we passed by Jose Barrios´ house but his mom came out saying that he left about an hour ago he said he would return in 10 min, but didn’t. He didn’t take his cell phone either so we were unable to call him. The bap. date fell, but I’m sure it’s all about time, no worries. Wily and his ´wife´ were unable to come either for work problems with the two of them, but the Morales Twins Brian and Staci came. Staci told Elder Turcios that she wanted him to baptize her, and Brian told me. That will depend on if I have a change or not. This Saturday the sister missionaries have a baptism of a cool kid named Sergio; he said that he wants me to perform the baptism for him. Sweet!

Also last Sunday (I guess a lot happened Sunday huh haha) we gave an interesting blessing. During priesthood meeting the sister missionaries came to us and told us of an investigator that they brought who wanted a blessing for some type of disease, I don’t remember what it was. The thing is that the sister missionaries also told us the real reason she wanted a blessing. Apparently she has a boyfriend whose father is what they call a brujo, like a wizard or something that supposedly curses people’s illnesses. Pure devil work. The investigator felt strange afterward, afraid and almost...not alone eeeesh. I and Elder Turcios went to a quiet room beforehand to offer a prayer asking for guidance in what to do. When we went in nothing seemed strange, her boyfriend was there also with his necklace with a big ol´ cross on it. I anointed with oil and Elder Turcios sealed it with a blessing. Nothing out of the usual more that that she would be cured slowly but surely from her disease according to her faith, be made whole. After the blessing we took a step backward and waited for her to get up or say something. We waited maybe 3 or 4 min until I broke the silence asking how she felt. She began to cry saying she felt the presence of someone who loved her, like giving her a hug, she felt clean again. the sister missionaries and us all bore our testimony and shared a little bit about how if we keep the commandments God will bless us and prosper us. It was very spiritual; in the end she offered a prayer. During the prayer she started crying so hard saying how thankful she was that she had to stop and breathe for a min or two.  Priesthood power.

Those are the exiting news that of the week.  For the friend requests on facebook the only name I recognize is Luis Rey, the others only by a photo I might recognize them, I know a lot of Ricardo’s and Floras here.

Well my beloved family you know how much I love you and wait anxiously for a Christmas call. No, there are no volcanoes in Coban, just rolling hills, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up for another emergency home phone call, sorry mom. Keep safe everyone, please just trust in God, sun or rain they are His great purposes. I love you,

Until next week
Andrew James Bronson

p.s. the photos of the couple signing papers is from a wedding-baptizm that the Elders from Ward 1 had and invited us to. yum!

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