Monday, August 8, 2011

Life is going all right here in Coban, Guatemala

Ouch ninja star pains, that’s gatta sting a bit, I too am proud for the manliness in not freaking out, but I think I would have played it as a ninja ambush. ¨when I finished him with a jump kick he got good in the foot, that’s how it happened! ¨
(Andrew's brother Wesley stepped  barefoot on a Ninja Star and ended up getting stitches in his foot)

Life is going all right here in Coban, Guatemala.  A fair was passing by and nobody was home all week, but we had a grand total of 7 investigators (Wily Contreras, Jose Barrios, Brian and Staci Morales, and America and Maria Macz) come to church, 4 for the first time! Some of them even left to go to church before we arrived to pick them up. We might be gearing up for some baptisms soon! Wily has come to church 3 times and his ¨wife¨ is somewhat warming up to us, they might actually get married! Jose has been amazing as ever and accepted a baptismal goal for the 20th of this month, it seems pretty sure too. The two Morales Twins Brian and Staci have been visited by missionaries for AGES but with the help of some great return mission presidents that live next door to them they came to church for the first time and loved it.

Last Tuesday we did some service moving two giant piles of dirt with little tiny shovels and our backs were sore the rest of the week, but we felt good for being able to help. It was lots of work. Friday we did a zone activity of contacting in the central park of Coban for a bunch of hours and I go burnt crispy but it was great.  Right after we did divisions with the District Leaders in their area and got even crispier haha. Their area is all just hills and hills and tons of hills.

Hmmm I’m getting kinda nervous for when I get home, I’ll be the littlest guy instead of the biggest! Even little Wesley is going to beat me out easily with his kungfu military training, dang. Well I can’t think of too much more news this week besides that God really does answer prayers, and He will really keep all His promises. The power of fasting is great, and that’s not just for the missionaries but for every one of Gods children. I love you all so much and I hope the best for everyone. Make sure the boys read their scriptures, even if it’s just a little bit. I love you so much I just want to say it over and over, please take care and I'll write you all next week.

Adios amada familia mia hasta luego
Elder Andrew Bronson

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