Monday, August 15, 2011

I’m not baggy; I just want to work effectively and find some souls to save

Alrighty Boy Scouting fun. Eagle project time, I remember mine...and how I got my award how many days before my 18th birthday? Like 3? Heheh...

Well the work is going...and going...this week none of our serious investigators showed up for church, just one little boy of 17 that doesn’t even live in our area but is really interested in the church, we are hoping that all goes well for him (Pablo). Wily still needs to get married so he will not be getting baptized the 20th, but Jose Barrios has a bap. date for the 27th, to do so he neeeeeeds to come to church this week, keep praying please. The twins from the Morales family didn’t come to church just because they didn’t feel like coming....lame. It’s hard for them they are only 11 and their mom doesn’t want to help them get baptized at all.  Every Sunday we see her taking off on some motorcycle with some guy we don’t know. In the opposite direction of the church. Why? no lo sé.

Things are going very well with my companion Elder Turcios, he has almost 3 months in the mission but knows how to teach really well and we have a blast. We are always laughing together about something it’s a great time, and we feel the spirit strongly in the lessons and when talking with people.  Changes are only a little over 2 weeks away now it’s starting to go unbearably fast, just 6 weeks by 6 weeks like taking steps right left right left...then it’s over, 6 months more! Only 4 changes! But don’t you worry I’m not baggy; I just want to work effectively and find some souls to save. It’s harder than it sounds. Feel the spirit!

I’m working on another letter; it will be coming in a little package with a couple cool little trinkets. I’m sure you´ll like it. Have you sent a birthday package yet, or are you going to save the money for something when I get back? It might be better that way, but I’m not sure, do what you guys feel would be best. It hasn’t been raining quite as much lately, some days we have left our umbrellas in the house, but there are good storms about every other day. I’m fine, healthy, skinnying pretty good, but I feel really weak.  All my muscle melted away and my arms feel like sticks. I’m doing only about 35 pushups in the morning and in the night, and fighting to keep it a habit. We are trying to eat healthier but it’s kinda tough sometimes, oh well.  The bug bites you see on my legs in some of the pictures are from a flee problem that I had a bit ago, the solution is simply DONT TOUCH DOGS even clean house dogs will donate a couple of his happy parasites to you, and when they get in your bed they get stubborn and don’t want to leave.

This week we have interviews with President Watts and after that we have zone conference, two days of work lost! But excellent instruction gained.

Well family I love you please keep yourselves safe and strong, I hope to receive letters from you guys also, I will be sending my soon.

love love much love
Elder Andrew Bronson

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