Monday, August 29, 2011

The Lord has once again been answering our prayers and fasts

You guys aren’t going to come pick me up? Esta bien... I’ll be waiting in the airport for you all then. That’s still a long ways away.  That’s pretty awesome that you guys did something so big for Wesley’s Eagle Scout Project and that you found a cool camera. Bonus!

This week was also a little eventful for us here. Last night we were waiting to hear about changes until about 10:30, nearly going absolutely crazy. So crazy in fact that we started goofing around, at one point we were even pillow fighting. Can you imagine how loco that wait made us? I think my companion won the pillow fight too. When they told us we were both in shock. I have been here in Coban 2 a total of 3 changes and Elder Turcios just got here, but HES leaving, and for the capital! provecho... this will mean my 8th companion in 8 changes.  It’s getting a little bit loco. It would be nice to just stay with someone for more than just 6 weeks for once right? Now I need to show him the area, get to know him hope to get along with him. I can get along pretty well as long as they are obedient, more than that nothing bugs me too much.

So guess what happened just today, I bought a new hoodie for 20 Quetzales and lost it already. We were waiting for a bus and I left it there on the bus stop. Nooooo! It was fairly cheap and I guess someone needed it a little more than me so I guess it’s alright. I didn’t even like it too much anyway. More than that I have diarrhea, nastyishly. It should only last a couple days and then go away, but I think it might have been from eating a funny banana after shaking hands with a drunk guy whom we were helping rolling in motorcycle home so that he doesn’t crash. Maybe it was that.

The Lord has once again been answering our prayers and fasts by helping us find some really interested and really good families to teach. Nothing too crazy to find them just contacting but some good references from members. Some of them have asked us were the church is because they want to come see how it is. This morning we had a treat from Wily Contreras. He works in a place called Pollo Campero, it’s a chicken place kinda like KFC but a little smaller. Here it’s huge. He was working a morning shift and invited us to breakfast. It was really tasty, a bacon omelet with beans and cream and cheese, bread rolls... he even threw in a big ol peace of fried chicken! As a dessert he gave us some French toast sticks covered in cinnamon and strawberry syrup. All with orange juice and some water. We even got to take a picture with him while he was working. He’s honestly such an amazing guy who has made an incredible change in his life. His wife on the other hand makes it really hard for him to be baptized. Why can she just accept to be married? They have kids and they are happy together!

The pictures are of us doing some service for a member family, the Rodriguez´. And no we are not being mean to the chicken, it’s a local custom. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the household chores here
Sweep the floor
Walk the dog
Abuse the chicken
Nah I’m just kidding but we really didn’t do anything to the poor creature just give it some loving attention with our cameras. It took forever to catch the little girl, she’s really speedy. Image 8 is my companion’s broken umbrella that he lost 3 weeks ago, and broke 5 min after finding it again. And image 9 is some soup we made for lunch, it was TASTY but by around 5 o clock we had to go back to the house to grab something to eat we were so hungry...

Well my beloveds I still have a while to go but I will see you all soon. I only have 4 changes left, just four agendas more to fill and than it’s OVER nooooo!!! Stay safe, keep reading the Book of Mormon, if you aren’t reading the Book of Mormon, repent and start reading it now, and say your prayers. All you guys are so grown up now and I just want you all to be strong spiritually as well.

Take care, till next week
Elder Bronson

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