Monday, July 11, 2011

It’s going to be tuff, but I know that God will make everything possible

Wow sounds like a very fun weekend haha
These 4-5 weeks with Elder Umana have passed by very fast, and I’ve learned a lot, so has he. The work moves forward with all types of problems coming to church but God provides. Neither Wily, Jose, nor the Coc Chiquin or Cu Xoy families came, bummer. A member came to church with an investigator friend to introduce to her. Apparently there are a couple of non members that live there with them in their house, and one came with them this week, how fun. I’m sure a whole bunch of things have happened this week but I’m having a hard time remembering everything that always happens. I remember that one day we forgot to bring our umbrellas. BAD IDEA. We got absolutely soaked hahaha the member that came with us to visit got soaked too I felt pretty bad. He’s a return missionary and knows how to teach really really well, I’ve learned a ton from him.

That’s pretty exiting with the new bed and the party; the bed looks really fancy haha. How fun, and bless Pres and Sis Torres for their good comments, I’ll truly miss them. I had the opportunity to have an interview with the new president and WOW the spirit was so powerful! Without me saying anything he started talking about making goals, the thing that wow, I really needed. Throughout my entire mission I haven’t ever had a goal for how many baptisms I was going to get, and I guess having the goal makes for better efforts. I prayed to the Lord and felt strongly for the number of 15 baptisms in these last 7 months. It’s going to be tuff, but I know that God will make everything possible. I’m ready to work. As always I ask for your guy’s prayers on my account and for all the missionaries of the world I wish everyone well.

Hmmmmm ¿que mas? I’m missing you guys a ton as always, it’s weird to say that I have 17 months in the mission it seems to go by so fast! The package came and I have been delighting myself on scrumptious pop tarts for a while. The candy is nearly gone I’ve been giving it out to little kids. It’s really tasty...dang I’m really not sure much more to say this week I’m not sure of a good happening this week, just the normal. We did some service haha. I love you all and miss you tons, can’t wait for the day that I’ll be with you guys again but that’s in its due time. 7 months! So much time but at the same time sooooooo little! Wow.

Well take care family if I have more to say I’ll write another email. SO MUCH LOVE
Elder Bronson

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