Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This last weekend 13 of our investigators came to church

Sorry the internet is going absolutely berserk and erased my 45 min message containing all the awesomeness of this whole week.

This week is going to be short for lack of time, once again...sorry.

Today temple, it’s been so long I needed it so bad. This last weekend 13 of our investigators came to church, 10 of them for the first time the family Santizo and Carrera and lessons so spiritual. They are praying to know if it is true, but I think that they already know. We found a new inactive family to teach and they have a 13 year old daughter that never got baptized for the inactivity of the family but already knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and is a super quick interested learner. We received a reference that was SO AMAZING that she (Susy our new investigator) already accepted a date for baptism and is already exited.

Uhhhhh sorry if I seem annoyed, but that might just be haha my letter before was happy-skippy sunshine, just know that.  I love you so much and I owe you all a great big email next week with pictures, alright? Just know my love for you is stronger than ever, never get down on yourselves just trust in God and he will lift you higher than ever. Changes are in about 2 weeks I'm wondering what might happen I have nearly 6 months in this area alone even though it doesn’t feel like it

Until next week,

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