Monday, September 27, 2010

Letter dated August 11, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Como estan? Les extrano mucho es verdad. Ojala que TODO esta bien en Utah. Estan viviendo como REYES de veras. (I hope I translated that correctly)

Scott, I have a huge favor to ask of you my little Nephi…can you, in email or better, a letter, write me some German? Lo Nesesito!! Every day at least two or three times someone will come up to me and speak whatever little English they know and drop all their deportation problems on me because I’m American. Well I’ve decided I am no longer an English speaker, I’m from Alemania (Germany), but in order to pull it off I need some German. Could you write me up a couple of phrases brother? Much Love.

These last 6 weeks with Elder Bowman have been some of the fastest 6 weeks in my life, even though success here is still a little bit low. Yesterday I celebrated my 6 month mark by finally getting you guys some pictures (2) Hurray! Afterwards I did get a happy excited energeticness that I can only suppose emanated from Mom upon receiving them. Dang that connection is strong. I want to thank dad right here for sending me an email himself; it really brightened my day to hear directly from him too. Sorry for not replying very long but I had to get mama her pictures. I love you Dad, thank you so much.

I don’t have any pictures printed out to send in this letter but I hope that my drawings are good for you guys. The dragon is for Wes, Angel is for Scott and the logos are for Shane. I heard Wesley was putting for a skateboarding logo too so Shane gets first pick and total authority but if Wes wants to use one of the leftover ones, he is free to use one.

You guys have fun on your vacations? Maybe for a letter idea you boys could write me your thoughts and experiences. You know how much missionaries love handwritten letters…P.S. thanks for the postcards they look really cool. Awww, Oceanside…

You guys are still doing your family stuff right? Family prayer always and scripture study at night? Read maybe 1 chapter as a family per night and you will see the unity grow.

Love you all a ton!

Elder Andrew Bronson

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