Monday, September 27, 2010

The most festive thing I did was wear my ¨Tie of Special Occasions¨

Famy Famy Family!

Ok I guess ill start with the questions

(How are Martin and his family doing?)
-Martin and his family are doing great, we are still trying to get the rest of his inactive member family to come to church, right now its only Wagner, his most helpful son haha. There was some confusion on who in the family really was baptized and who wasn’t so we went to the records and though we thought his daughter Yaquelin and two youngest sons Haward and Angelo weren’t, it turns out only Angelo hasn’t. We have taught him one time so far, during divisions with Elder Hess the District Leader. The lesson went so well we put a baptismal date on him. If we had taught him with his dad I think he could have been baptized too, but this way is better for sure because when Martin is ordained a priest he will be able to baptize his own son! Just yesterday I got a hymnbook for him, he’s been asking about how to get one lately so I just asked the ward any they gave one to me. Before our visit I opened the hymnbook and wrote a message to him and his family saying how grateful I am to them and how much I hope they enjoy the book. Also, I've asked a ward member to stop by the distribution center to grab me a triple combination with D&C for Martin and his Family. A sad note is that their dog Scooby died yesterday too...he was such a nice dog! Poor poor Scooby.

(Do you have any new investigators?)
-for new investigators they come and go, its hard sometimes to find ones that are truly interested, but when I was getting a haircut today I talked to the barber about the plan on salvation and we are going to go visit her another time.

(What kind of interesting foods have you eaten lately?)
-interesting foods ahhhh mmmmmmm honestly for the food here I’ve been eating pretty normal nothing tooooo weird to report. Oh this morning Elder Segura bought me a little snack. I looked like a hotdog bun with chocolate filling and frosting. It almost tasted like a zinger...on a hotdog bun. The cartoon guy with a huge afro on the front was funny though.

(Did anything fun happen on your birthday?)
-on my birthday I didn’t really party or anything. The most festive thing I did was wear my ¨Tie of Special Occasions¨, the one EVERY SINGLE PERSON comments on. Yeah...pretty sweet. the next day for my birthday an amazing part family of members gave us breakfast of Chocó banana pancakes and lunch of tasty meat and mashed potatoes, and in the night we had pizza with martin and his family and watched a movie with them, To This End Was I Born about Jesus and his Atonement.

(Do you have transfers this week?)
-Yes we have transfers this week and my comp has nearly 5-6 months in this area so he’s going for sure. I like the area so I’d be happy to stay. I REALLY hope my next companion wants to work!

(Tell us about something funny that happened.)
-oh hmmm something funny...Crap I cant think of anything funny right now I might come back and say something.

(I edited part of his letter where he replied to the news that a friend of his has left the mission and gone home.)  If Elder Winkel or Elder Smith were to leave I don’t know what I'd do. Man I miss Elder you know his email or could you get it for me? These Smith-less Mondays are starting to wear on me.
Well time to
upload some pictures!
LOVE YOU ALL with all my heart
 Elder Bronson

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