Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another round of pday emailage

Alright family here we go, another round of pday emailage.  Pday this week is on Tuesday because of an activity planned, I'm in the process of writing a letter right now that explains it further, it was alright.

Care package received! Only yesterday too, it’s incredible! Thanks so much for the music, the piano stuff and the Called to Serve are amazing, as well as the pbnj haha I have peanut butter right now and jelly even but they just don’t taste the same as the ones from the states. Thanks too for the batteries, but now I have 3 different battery chargers! Maybe when Elder Karr goes home I'll send some back to ya guys I don’t need all 3, I don’t have that many batteries or things that even need them. The CD player is really nice too thanks. Of coarse the pop tarts are well received...IN MY BELLY

My companion now is Elder Segura, he is from Costa Rica though he appears more Chinese than fully Latino, from his mother’s side I think? Anyway he’s a nice guy and kind of a dork. I find myself talking about anything from Pokémon to Naruto with him and he seems really distracted by television and movies...and his bed. If ever there is a moment extra he’s napping. He’s a really hard worker, and though he’s been a bit sick on and off we have been hard at work looking for new people to teach. He’s a really nice guy and we get along well. Not as much of a leader type though, I find myself having to take the first step or the lead in a few things like planning.

As for mudslides I haven’t even heard anything about them here, here its just extra rain. It’s rained at least once a day here for the past week or so and my umbrella has been in great use. I hope all is well in the other parts of Guatemala.

It’s good to hear all things go well at home.  Here on the 15th is Guatemala’s Independence Day so maybe that will be exiting. What’s more exiting this month is that I will be turning TWENTY. The big 20 a whole new level of manly adulthood. Mama, your boy’s a man. And he speaks Spanish. I might say that I’m fairly fluent in the language here; if I had to live here on my own I could easily do it linguistically. Any words or phrases you want to know in Spanish?

As for the work we are getting ever closer to Martins Baptism, it’s scheduled for the 18th, Elder Jordan Smiths Birthday. It will be my first time bringing someone to the waters, and hopefully will result in the activation and furthering of his family too. His wife and smallest child aren’t members and we have yet to teach them. If Martin is Baptized than he himself might be able to baptize his family, how great a blessing!

I feel a very strong feeling of love and appreciation for the opportunity to email you all every week, it’s a great stress reliever to talk to the ones you really love. Know that I am praying for you in every prayer I am looking forward to Christmas when I can hear your voices.

I love you,

Elder Bronson

p.s. the last picture of the is part of a painting in a national museum here, Missionaries! Complete with little blue Books of Mormon

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