Monday, September 13, 2010

The whole situation with Martin has me so high with the spirit

(I started the tradition of asking Andrew questions in my email that I want him to answer in his.  My questions are in italics.)

Alrighty another Monday, ya know before the mission I didn’t like Mondays much. That changed fast.

Do you want me to send anything in particular with the Karrs?
Sending things with the Karrs...dang I can’t remember what I was I was hoping minute...I dunno any more music you feel like sending :D ha! Pictures, anything little and silly that would remind me of home. Surprise me? Dang it I can't remember anything that I was thinking of...I'll remember after I leave.

What kind of news do you want me to tell you in my emails?? ( I was feeling like I send the same news week after week)
News in your letters huh... well I like how the boys write me a little paragraph that’s fun to see how they are doing. Maybe a little something from Dad too once in a while? :D Oh if you can see if you can capture the mysterious Brandyn creature and send me a picture of him. As for weekly news I think you are doing pretty well, I prefer a mellow email with news of a regular week to one where something a bit intense or dangerous happens haha

Tell me a little more about your mail system. (I have not received any letters from him since mid July)
Alright this mailing system, I'm not too informed on the workings or very confident in it even. I have been writing one a week for a little while at least and some good letters too. On my end I write the letter, put it in the envelope, address it and hand it to the District Leaders along with Q6.50 for postage and that’s the last I have power over it. There used to be places here that you could send things through the Guatemalan national mailing system but for cause of some missionaries acting foolish in ways uninformed to the common Elder, a lot of those places are for the moment off limits on pdays.

Speaking of letters, guess who I got a letter from! Elder Parker McCormick! I received a letter with all sorts of sharpie art on it and understood who it was from. He wrote the letter on July 5th to be received on September 10th (which was my 7 month mark so kinda cool) also the same night I got a small package from Elder Vargas containing about 5 ties, and one from Elder Bowman of my little scripture case that I accidentally left in Juana de Arco. Those and some Dearelder from Elder Smith’s mom and aunts and cousins. It was a happy night.

Martin news. On Saturday we visited him on one of our last opportunities before his bap. date next weekend to teach him the last principal needed for his baptism, the Word of Wisdom. Luckily he has no problem with tobacco or alcohol or any of that, but when we mentioned coffee he confessed that he drank it. He sat for a moment, looked up and said, Looks like I still have a bit more to change. I won’t drink any more coffee. It was incredible how strong the spirit is, he in honestly the most amazing person, so willing to change to follow God. It’s hard to describe but every time after something spiritual is said or something happens he looks up and says a quiet ¨gracias¨. He really thinks of God in everything. In that same lesson we were talking about the Holy Ghost and he almost got a bit teary.

He’s constantly praying and seeking the Lords guidance in EVERYTHING I can’t wait to see how he sees life with the Holy Ghost. In our next lesson the day later we asked him the baptismal interview questions and he professed a strong faith in everything. It was incredibly touching to me when we asking him about Joseph Smith as a prophet and the Book of Mormon and he immediately answered with a testimony that he believed them without a doubt. in our prior visit we gave him a chapter to read in the BoM 3Nephi 27, and in our last meeting he told us that he had kept reading and reading and even went back to the beginning of the Book and read 37 pages! He said that as he read it he felt the spirit incredibly strong and so kept reading! He is so incredibly amazing. Even during the lesson when we were demonstrating how a baptism is done I stood up and did a demonstration on his son, after ward he stood up to but as we sat down so he did. I think he wanted a demonstration with him haha he later said directly to me...that he wanted me to be the one to baptize him. As I write this I get teary. He’s so full of Love and sincere repentance! Hopefully next week will be a report on his baptism! Oh one last thing about our lesson on Sunday, all the way up to this point he still was praying like a evangelist, I'll explain another time, but this time we came strait to him with how to pray, to the Father, in the name of Christ. He offered to say the prayer and acted on what we said. How Incredible!

As for stories I don’t know what else, the whole situation with Martin has me so high with the spirit it’s hard to think of little occurrences.

Oh! One funny thing was we were visiting a really old man named Juan who has received nearly all the lessons and likes them, but has a hard time coming to church. He has a friend that visited him a few days before and told him that the missionaries of the Mormon church...where American spies! HA! What was funnier was his reply to him. ¨what about when they are both Latino? ¨

Very very very much love. PLEASE stay safe, keep the works, without which there is no faith! Much Guatemalan Amor, Elder Bronson

Andrew's companion Elder Seguro

Andrew drew this of his friend Elder McCormick
Elder McCormick drew this for Andrew

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